Red Cross

Very good, friendly, professional, quick - highly recommended.

Colleen Mackie

Training Coordinator

NZ Red Cross

Promoting uptake of First Aid Training

My favourite clients are companies that make a difference - such as Red Cross, a large multinational humanitarian organisation. The Red Cross is all about mobilising the power of humanity to improve people's lives and to enhance community resilience.

The service and communication is outstanding and the results are fantastic!

Ivy Marketing works nationally for Red Cross, promoting and engaging users to uptake their First Aid Training

Training their management team at a National Forum

Massive growth over multi-year ongoing year relationship

We increase market awareness and uptake of First Aid Training services, to B2B end users, nationwide. By working with NZRC since 2012 we have helped create the massive growth that they have experienced in course uptake.

In addition to Geographical Campaigns focused on (B2B) End Users, Ivy Marketing is also responsible for driving growth in Key Accounts & National Contracts. We have successfully acquired several very large Aged Care Groups and other National organisations, resulting in several hundred thousand dollars worth of increased business for the Red Cross.

Management team training

We work as an extension to the expansive Red Cross team, we support Managers throughout New Zealand,  and offer a Training Seminar to all Senior staff.

We have also been involved with training their management team at a National Forum which was great. So great in fact that they cancelled their next session so we could continue our discussion!