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Very good, friendly, professional, quick - highly recommended.

Colleen Mackie

Training Coordinator

NZ Red Cross

Ivy Marketing was established in June of 2014, by Stacey Whittington.  

We are primarily a Telesales business offering a range of practical direct marketing services that achieve results.

Initially Ivy Marketing was Owner-Operated - we have now built up a team of four to assist in managing the business, along with various contractors and our partners.

"After being involved with events, and later, co-running a Telemarketing Company, I really wanted to build on the success that both businesses offered to our clients, utilising all our skill sets with a holistic approach"

We love helping other companies thrive and offer a full range of solutions to suit any business, whether small, medium or multinational companies.

We provide you with a personalised service and dedication.

Entering the Ivy Family

When you join the Ivy Family, a member of our team is assigned to you as your dedicated Account Manager, and becomes your go-to person for any Campaign related queries. 

We partner with Kompass NZ for up to date Data/information when working on Campaigns for our Clients. Ivy Director Stacey Whittington and Kompass Director, Assia Salikhova together offer a unique, smart, holistic range of combined services such as "Market Feasibility Reporting" and "Market Saturation/Invitation for Exhibiting companies involved in Trade Shows", and the absolute Rolls-Royce service "Proactive Post-Trade Show Lead Follow up including Automated Email/Online Marketing Campaigns".

We like to look at things a little differently, think outside of the box and are all about Smart Sales Solutions!

Stacey heads the team at Ivy and comes from a Strong Sales and Marketing background.

Stacey Whittington

"I am most passionate about development - be it personal, business or market growth; and thrive on the challenges that achieving this presents.  I am driven by my strong family values, am incredibly dedicated and have been told that perserverance is one of my best strengths, along with my communicative skills.  I thrive under pressure, am articulate, enjoy working with people, and am most definitely a problem-solver.  I find it very rewarding helping others find solutions to issues or obstacles, and watching our Clients businesses prosper over time.  I enjoy creative projects, and together, with my partner Phill, we have a busy, rewarding family life!  Our home is always a hive of creative activity with four beautiful children - Braiden, Emily, Grace and Ryan keeping us on our toes."

Marshell is an Accounts Manager at Ivy Marketing. 

Marshell Jones (Swampy)

Marshell brings a wealth of knowledge to the Ivy Team, having a background in Sales and Customer Service; his cool, calm, unflappable approach when dealing with Customers is a real asset to the Team.  Marshell's friendly nature makes it hard not to get along with him!  Often referred to as the Radio Voice of the office, Marshell balances the feminine energy of Ivy, and enjoys Technology, Gaming and Nature in his spare time.

Bernie works as our Office Manager and is hailed by Account Managers as our Data Queen!  Bernie brings a diverse range of versatile skills with a mature outlook, and excels in Business Administration, Accounting and the implementation of Business systems.

Bernie Chadd

"I currently have the mammoth task of keeping our Master Database up to date, as well as Accounts.  I always aim to bring a positive bubbly energy to work each day, and enjoy working within such a funky team.  In my spare time I enjoy gardening and spending time with my family" 

Sheridan has vast transferable skills from her previous background in Hospitality.  Having managed Bars/Restaurants, Sheridan has proven excellent Customer Service and communication skills and is always able to multi-task, performing beautifully under pressure. 

Sheridan Webb

"I am very much a people person; I love helping and talking to others and particularly enjoy the diversity of working with various clients and sectors of the market.  I enjoy challenges, learning new things and in my spare time I like to spend time with my gorgeous son."

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