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Colleen Mackie

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We are passionate about Growth. Using our core value of transparency and an emphasis on relationship building, we take the time to understand and get to know you and your business, your customers and their businesses, and recognise the trust involved in outsourcing.

Our success is your success.

We are a supportive extension to your business that will enable you to achieve the results you need.

Real-time visibility into your campaign, as well as regular reporting, helps keep our clients informed of progress.

We insist on “quality over quantity” while working to a minimum of 50 calls per day, depending on the nature of the campaign and your requirements we can make up to 100 contacts per day.

Effectively we can complete one of your field based representative's weeks of work in just under one day!

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Our growth services include:


While it is easiest to sell to the converted, ie. retain current customers for repeat sales, most companies are so focused on gaining new customers that they neglect their most important asset - their current customers!

We help you stay in contact with your existing customer base to ensure you can secure these repeat purchases and renewals.  

Staying in contact with your existing customer base, retaining their engagement and nurturing these relationships is a major way to grow your business. When a business begins to grow rapidly, it can be very tough to fit in contact with current customers around everything else you need to do to drive your business forward.

If you stay on top of customer retention, keeping your customer churn low, you will see great growth - people love talking about companies that take good care of them!

Market Intelligence

Telemarketing is crucial to collecting feedback that provides a true understanding of your potential customers' needs or wants.  Gaining market validation prior to developing a product or service can save you years of work and thousands upon thousands of dollars.  Once you know what your customers actually want, and an idea of how large that market is, you are able to make significantly better decisions for the progression of your product or service into the market.  

Focus is also very important, and until you know what part of your market you should focus on, you may be spending huge amounts of your marketing budget trying to access multiple markets at once and gaining very little market momentum.  With some preliminary market research, you'll be able to determine what your focused target market segment will be, and then focus on that segment only - saving you money in the long run, and allowing you to gain that market share required to get your product or service moving on its own - this momentum then allows you to choose a related segment and focus on that one, and bit by bit you'll grow your overall market and market share for your product or service line.  

When it comes to market intelligence, who you know is very important.  We have several strategic partnerships that allow us access to most NZ industries.  We use these connections as well as targeted primary research to help your company's marketing campaigns head in the right direction.


Events and trade shows are essential to making the network connections required to grow your business.  However, staffing for these functions, while assuring your business is also able to continue to support your current customers, can be difficult to impossible for many companies.  We help you with our professional appearance service, representing your company at:


New Product Launches

Service Launches

Trade Shows

We can manage these events from beginning to end, or we can collaborate with you to beef up your presence, providing experience & expertise in how to present your business best to your market, achieving the best ROI possible from your promotional investments.

Consulting & Training Services

We have years of experience in telesales, event appearances and customer retention.

We can up-skill your in house sales staff with training on the techniques used by Ivy's team through seminars & workshops.