Very good, friendly, professional, quick - highly recommended.

Colleen Mackie

Training Coordinator

NZ Red Cross

From New Zealand to the World

Ecoglo have been established since 1997, manufacturing photo luminescent emergency exit lighting, signage and step-nosing products that revolutionise the industry as they require no power, have minimal waste, and last for a very, very long time. 

"I feel that Ivy Marketing has become a pivotal part of our business and I really enjoy being a part of the growth this Company is experiencing"

Ecoglo export to the world from Christchurch, and their products can be seen in such places as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Stadia in Australia, Time Warner Centre (NYC),  and the London Underground.  

Until their products became recognised as code compliant by New Zealand Building Code Standards in 2012, they hadn't really focused on the local market. In fact, at this time, the New Zealand market represented just a humble 5% of their total revenue.  It was around this time, in 2012 that the initial Sales Relationship formed, and we are pleased to have assisted Ecoglo in achieving a massive increase, with over 30% of total revenue now coming from National sales throughout the New Zealand market.

Ivy Marketing is the Sales and Marketing Team

Whilst Ecoglo have an extensive production plant and dispatch to the world, they are a fairly lean business in terms of staff.  Both the Directors are brothers that we have a great relationship with and we personally know all other team members by name, even having recruited two of the existing team.

Ecoglo have chosen to utilise our outsourced solutions, in that they don't have any traditional "Sales Representatives" at all.  In keeping with Ecoglos' alternative solution, in place of the traditional, Ecoglo instruct Ivy to strategically and methodically manage Industry contacts throughout NZ, both new and prospective customers, and focus on raising awareness throughout the industry via education.

The Business Development we have been able to achieve over the last 12 months has been astounding.  Not only have we built and developed a significant database of both Customers and prospective customers, that is growing everyday, but we are now having to compile annual schedules in order to keep up with the demand for appointments following sales opportunities identified throughout the lead generation process.

We love working with Ecoglo and assisting them with driving awareness throughout the New Zealand market!

Recruitment & Event support

We have also assisted Ecoglo with recruitment, whether in the Office or Factory, we have been able to source successful appointments that meet or exceed requirements.  We also frequently support Ecoglo at Events, presentations or other seminars/meetings.

Ecoglo don't have any sales reps at all, we manage all contacts throughout NZ, both new and prospective customers.

We also support in many other areas, such as working with Government to lobby Code changes (MBIE); implement trials into District Health Boards, working with Ministry of Education to incorporate Ecoglo into National Guidelines and much, much more.

We set up appointments for the Directors to visit and educate, managing Mike's Diary just as a Personal Assistant would and share appointment notes instantly via cloud means.

We assist with Events, any other marketing opportunities and support Ecoglo with staff growth/appointments.

We truly see ourselves as an extension to Ecoglo and support them in any way we can to achieve exponential growth!