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To thrive and excel in today's business environment, you have to be able to focus on the basics.

If you are service orientated this will likely be Operations, Staff, Marketing, Service Development, and Training.

If you are product orientated this will likely by Production, Distribution, Product Development and lastly, but most importantly, your Key Business Accounts.

Unfortunately Key Accounts only cater for about 5% of total prospective customers and it is virtually impossible to service all the opportunities out there with the limited resources and budget most companies have at their disposal. Service industry businesses tend to become reactive as opposed to proactive when considering new business growth and strategic Business Growth campaigns tend to go down the list of priorities.

Enter Ivy Marketing! Let us help you in Brand Growth and New Business Acquirement, and achieve maximum market saturation. We can drive your B2B/B:B telemarketing, research and customer care campaigns.

Ensure you are at the top position in your market and that you stay there.

We look forward to driving your business forward in the near future,

Stacey Whittington Director Ivy Marketing

Our clients want to Growth. Often they are not sure where to start and look to focus on obtaining new business through a standard telemarketing campaign.

Although telemarketing to end users is essential for brand growth and product awareness it is absolutely essential to understand your market and to strategise the key accounts within your industry. This focus is how you achieve a good ROI and the growth you are looking for.

Identify your desired Key Accounts

Almost all industries are governed by associations, industry bodies and/or councils. Within the New Zealand market there are also various national chains and groups, as well as distributors that supply particular groups and chains.

Depending on your product resellers, wholesalers, and retailers may also be pivotal keys to your success.

These Key Accounts are of equal importance and you shouldn't ignore them when considering Market Growth in New Zealand or beyond.

A two-pronged approach: End Users & Key Accounts

We encourage you to take a two-pronged approach, with a focus on both Key Accounts and also minor independent or end user accounts. Nurture both of these key areas and you will gain the traction you need to achieve.

1. Gain market traction with end users

This is a bit of a chicken and the egg scenario. There is very little point in approaching the Chains and Groups "the chicken in this case" without first having presence in your market.

First build your brand, take your product to industry via telemarketing and telesales and field staff, participate in industry events and conferences and get yourselves & your product noticed.This builds the need for your product in the market place, and you will get the attention of the big guys.

2. Approach & gain key accounts

Once you are established as a brand and have a good system in place for retention, with Ivy Marketing, you can push forward with a strategised and systematic system.

It's time to approach your Key Accounts!

This two-pronged approach ensures all facets of your market and industry are being serviced and that you are exploring all possible options.

Ivy Marketing can handle these key actions for you, and ensure that you keep in step with customer needs and that you take full advantage of all market opportunities.

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